4/14 // BRB


Oh, hello! The last couple weeks have literally been crazy town for me (what’s new, though?) and I’ve been dedicating a little more time to my professional life. People always ask how I juggle it all, and I don’t. Ever. Something is usually set aside, like reading or watching ‘Real Housewives’ but last week it had to be this blog. It will all make sense in a couple weeks but in the meantime, just be patient with me. I promise I have a lot of positive things cooking for this blog!! Also, big HUGS and KISSES to those that sent me emails asking how I am. MUAAH. Be right back, promise! xx


4/8 // Prom + Free People = <3

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Guess who’s heading back to prom on Saturday? That would be this girl. I know, I know – equal parts lame and amazing. A little back story – Tyler, my fiancé, teaches special education at the same high school we met, fell in luv and graduated from. He’s a chaperone this year and asked me if I’d accompany him for old times’ sake and how could I say no? Duh. Especially since we’re getting married in just 3 months! We’ve been keeping crazy busy with planning the wedding, baseball games (him) and me launching a studio soon (more on that later!) so a little night out to bring back old memories is just what we need. Plus, I get to dress up! That was always the best part of prom : )

Right now, my bank account is on serious lockdown until the wedding, so I’ll probably just grab something from my own closet. But on the other hand, it is wedding season and I could use a new fancy dress – particularly one from Free People. Ugh gorge! I just can’t – literally can not, Tyler would murder me. Shop in my honor instead? Thank you! xx

Oh, and in case you need a giggle:


4/4 // Mornings at Miu Miu

DSC_0020 DSC_0013 DSC_0022 DSC_0019 DSC_0012 DSC_0029 DSC_0016“Buy less. Choose well. Make it last. Quality, not quantity. Everybody’s buying far too many clothes.” – Vivian Westwood

Last week I had the privilege to have a little morning soiree with the fine people at Miu Miu. Now, I don’t consider myself a fancy person, the very few designer pieces I do own were either passed down to me, from eBay or found at a ridiculously good price. With that said, I do have loads of respect for people who do have the funds and choose to invest in a little piece of fashion history. It’s kind of like buying a house vs renting – if you buy smart and take good care of it, the value can only go up. And the craftsmanship is a whole different story that I hope to do a little more research on – all I know for sure is that each piece is hand crafted and takes hours, sometimes days to complete.

If my time at Miu Miu taught me anything, it’s to shop smarter. That means less H&M shopping sprees and more spending that money on a quality piece or two. And great quality doesn’t have to be “designer”; I still have a pair of Gap jeans from high school that look brand new. It simply means do my research and make an actual effort in creating a lasting closet rather than a seasonal one.

One day I hope to have enough pennies saved to walk out of Miu Miu with a perfectly crafted pair of shoes (these to be exact), but until then I’m happy with the lesson learned. xx

ps: Have a great weekend – ahh!

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4/3 // Ask The Bloggers: Favorite Closet Items

bloggers-love-from-kat-poor-little-it-girl-adored-by-alex-let-it-be-beautifulIf you ask me what my favorite thing in my closet is during the week, I’ll say my VS pajamas. Nothing seems appealing at 7 am on a weekday, I usually just look forward to coming home and slipping into something loose. On the weekend, I have two favorites: my Coach City Bag for running around and my silk drawstring pants. The ‘City Bag‘ has been my favorite go-to bag for it’s sturdiness and size. It’s not too big but there’s still enough room to carry weekend essentials – sunglasses, mini iPad, wallet, leftover chick-fil-a fries (!!!), etc. The silk drawstring pants I scored during a major sale and worth every penny. Paired with a silk blouse, they feel like sleepwear but still look über stylish .  Also, I have a few favorite sentimental pieces, like my mom’s vintage kimono and a pair of earrings my best friend brought back from China.

Your turn ! What is your favorite thing in your closet? xx


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4/2 // #weddingwednesday: Babes + Blooms

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Well – we are officially well into the single digits in our countdown to the big day – not sure if I should celebrate or cry? I’ve always kept it real on here, so I don’t have a problem saying this wedding has me 50 shades of stressed. And really I’m the only one to blame because I’m the type to WANT/NEED to do everything myself. How does that saying go? “If you want something done right, do it yourself.” Yep – that is my wedding motto. But somewhere between finalizing our invitation design and picking linens, I’m finding peace in the chaos. Aww, flower girl dress shopping. I mean… what’s not to love? We have the two cutest toddlers as flower girls, one of them is my niece and the other is a close friend’s daughter.  Alanna + Lexi. They are everything. I can’t wait to dress them up in flower crowns and pretty dresses. I still remember being a flower girl at their age (2 1/2), and feeling like the prettiest girl in the world and I hope they feel the same.

I haven’t even begin to really look for their dresses but so far I’ve found favorites from BHLDN and wait for it… J.Crew (shocker!). I refuse to go the J.Crew route because I don’t want to be one of those girls with all J.Crew everything. Ya know? If you find yourself scouring the web for flower girl dresses and one catches your eye, please send it my way! I guess this is my asking for help, which is huge! Baby steps… xx

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4/1 // Effortlessly Anthropologie

4110089544030_049_b 4110595881462_049_b 4130265410066_009_b 4130265414412_009_b 4130335964312_018_b 4130345292404_009_bOh, hi April! The first day of spring has come and gone but it never really feels like spring until April comes a-knocking. This time of year I always gravitate towards more effortless pieces that are easy, breezy and comfortable. It has to be breezy because, take today for example, the humidity level is at 99%! Eek! I stopped by Anthropologie over the weekend and took a peek of their Spring selections and they’re even better in person. Soft flowy dresses that are both comfortable and appropriate for spring weddings (my ultimate fave!), sturdy cargo pants for a day of gardening shopping, scalloped peplum tops (yes!), tie dye, SAFARI OVERALLS, I could obviously go on all day. So good. So so good. To see all the new arrivals, check out Antho’s new lookbook. xx


3/31 // Red

iconic red lips marilyn monroe red angelina jolie rihanna classThere is nothing more classic, and iconic than red anything, yet, nothing more intimidating. Maybe it’s because only the super confident can pull it off? I saw a older lady (80-ish?) Friday with the brightest red lips I’ve ever seen in person. At first at thought she must be crazy for wearing red lips at that age and then I took a second glance. She was fierce, Anna Wintour type of fierce. She was wearing a black pant suit and kitten heels with her hair in tight curls. ‘Go granny, with ya bad self’ – I thought. If she’s wearing red lips at 80, I surely shouldn’t be afraid to wear red lips at 24. So today, on a random Monday, I’m wearing red lips and nails to the office. And feeling like Beyonce. xx


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3/27 // Ask the Bloggers, Dallas Edition

Beyond excited to introduce a new series today, Ask the Bloggers! Every week I’ll ask you all to submit a question in the comments, I’ll pick a group of bloggers and, if selected, I’ll ask them your question to be featured on HELLOGIRL*. A big thank you goes out to my friends from Dallas for helping me kick off this fun new series!

This happens to me a lot. It’s the 11th hour before a big social gathering and I still don’t know what I’m wearing. 9 out of 10 times black leather skinnies and a tee will do the trick but sometimes I just want something new. There’s something about an outfit fresh from the store that puts an extra pep in my step. It’s the little confidence boost I need when I’m meeting new people, heading out on a big date or just the end of a bad week. In this case, two stores usually do the trick: Zara if I have time to head across town or H&M. Both are affordable and carry both classic and trendy pieces to create the perfect outfit! Because I lack time, I usually look for a simple, effortless dress or a really cool jacket I can throw over jeans. They also carry a good selection of shoes and accessories if I want to go that route. I also really, really love Nordstrom but try to avoid going there if time is an issue, I can get lost in there for days!

Now your turn, when you need a new outfit ASAP, where do you shop? And ask any question to be featured in an upcoming Ask the Bloggers!

Shop Amy’s pick: Neiman Marcus /// Shop Sally + Molly’s picks: Vince, Rag & Bone,
Number One + J.Crew /// Shop Mary’s pick: Zara /// Shop Merritt’s pick: Shopbop

3/26 // The Little Market

the-little-market_Nepal_-Flower-Shopping Floral-Ceramic-Mugs-The-Little-Market Twisted-Wooden-Spoons-The-Little-Market White-Elephant-with-Light-Pink-Saddle-The-Little-Market Little-White-Whimsical-Basket-with-flowers-The-Little-Market Tall-Flower-Glasses-AquaThe-Little-Market.jpg The-Little-Market7231 Tall-Sea-Foam-Stripe-Hamper-The-Little-Market- Blush-Trays-The-Little-Market
I’m a big, big fan of Miss Lauren Conrad – or as we all know and love her, LC. I’ve pretty much invested in every endeavor of hers – including her book deals and Kohl’s clothes. So last weekend, when I discovered she had an artisan shop, I was a wee bit surprised and a little bit sad. Why haven’t I heard of this? Have I not been spending enough time stalking her Instagram and blog? Apparently not because she and a friend, Hannah, started The Little Market back in October! FOMO x 10.

After traveling around the world together, the girls were inspired by the local artisans, whom many of them were struggling to provide for their families. They created The Little Market to give artisans the opportunity to reach a broader audience and to give consumers the opportunity to purchase special pieces while directly supporting the artisans who made them. And as if I couldn’t love her enough already?

Not only are the curated pieces amazing, but each has a back story which makes purchasing something materialistic meaningful. I particularly love their blue and white ‘floral’ collection of cups, plates, and bowls. The shop has a little thing for everyone including stuffed animals for the tiny tot in your life… I’ll be grabbing a couple for my sister who’s expecting!

Shopping has never felt so good. Hope this inspires you to support The Little Market and artisans around the world. xx

3/25 // Mules, Mules, Mules

animatedI’m kicking myself over how much I crave a pair of mules! It wasn’t even 2 years ago that I donated a pair of mint condition Ralph Lauren mules from the 90′s that my mom gave me. I found them impractical at the time but now that I see how amazing they look with the right outfit (here, here + here), I’m thinking I want to give them another try. I’m currently eyeing these perfectly nude Aldo pair to dress up jeans this spring. And how about this blue Steven pair - they are on sale for less than $60! Yes, please!

Are you into Mules? xx